InspirationAbout this book

The idea of supporting an inspirational book on practical climate adaptation first appeared in 2011 during the preparations for a CIRCLE-2 workshop called ‘From National Adaptation Strategies to Concrete Adaptation Actions’.

Right from the start the challenge was to answer fundamental questions such as ‘what does a practical adaptation example look like?’ and ‘what exactly does it mean to be inspirational?’ Fortunately, and thanks to the vision and knowledge of our partners and in particular of our editors and contributors, an (inspirational) answer was soon to be found: ‘a practical adaptation example has to be something that can be photographed’ and that ‘inspires others to see adaptation as an opportunity rather than a response to a problem’. Well, that is easier said than done. Adaptation remains a complex and often elusive concept. In practice, both in Europe and around the world, it is still dealt with from a strategic perspective rather than an effective one (hence the title of that workshop back in 2011). And for many, adaptation is tangled so tightly with other areas of science, policy and practice that it becomes difficult to understand and clearly define its frontiers. But CIRCLE-2 thrives precisely in this interface were science meets policy.

Our experience shows us that adaptation is the ultimate trans-disciplinarily challenge and one that will only succeed through original, imaginative and inspiring solutions. This is how decision-makers and communities across Europe and the world will be inspired to adapt to a changing climate. Or how they will perceive that there is more to adaptation than a very distant future. This book is designed to inspire science, policy and practice. It is one out of the several CIRCLE-2 contributions to something we aim and expect to see in the coming decades: the branding of adaptation as a positive approach to face climate change. Please enjoy this marvellous set of adaptation examples. We hope that you too, like us, feel inspired by them!

The book is available as a PDF here.