The full-length videos of the 3 plenaries from the Adaptation Futures 2018 conference are now available online.

Adaptation Futures 2018, the fifth in the Adaptation Futures international conference series on global adaptation, was recently held in Cape Town, South Africa from 18 to 21 June. The conference aimed to facilitate dialogues for solutions between key actors from diverse perspectives and regions and attracted over 1300 scientists, practitioners, business leaders and policymakers from around the world.  Over 160 innovative and participatory sessions were held. Delegates were able to view the responses of local artists to the realities of climate change, as well as join in the Community Kraal, which focused on the lived experiences of climate change. The Adaptation Expo showcased the work of 24 organizations actively involved in responding to climate change.  Over 130 volunteers from local based organizations contributed their time and skills to making the conference run smoothly.

The conference themes were:

  1. Adaptation and Development
  2. South-South and South-North knowledge and learning
  3. Interaction of climate adaptation with 21st century challenges
  4. Modes of collaboration, knowledge co-production and research into use
  5. Financing of adaptation and climate resilient development
  6. Learning from doing

You can see the video here.