ACT has released its third major report – Climate Change Adaptation and the Low Carbon Economy – authored by former VP Sustainability for BC Hydro and former Chair of the International Centre for Sustainable Cities, Bruce Sampson; co-authored by Linsay Martens, a senior graduate of SFU’s School of Public Policy.

The report calls for a paradigm shift in the way we use and price energy, that needs to happen much more quickly if we are to avert unmanageable climate, energy and ecosystems crises. It also outlines actions for building resilient energy systems in face of climate impacts, and opportunities for insurers.

Media response was quick and positive – see the article from Metro News here.

Sampson advocates action at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, and suggests the establishment of a National Centre for Sustainable Energy Solutions would not only leverage Canada’s excellent tech innovation resources, but help to lead the world towards a better future.

“We’ve already spent trillions bailing out the financial system,” says Sampson. “Surely we can come up with the money we need to save the planet.”

See the report at ACT’s web site here, as well as an exhaustive background report to be posted shortly.

Energy session partners included Plutonic Power, BC Hydro, Zurich Financial Services, and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.