Majority of Canadians consider water to be Canada’s most important natural resource – a new study reveals more people concerned about quality and availability of freshwater than oil, fisheries, or forests – yet use 329 liters per day.

The survey, in its second year, was commissioned by Unilever and RBC, and is endorsed by the Canadian Partnership Initiative of the United Nations Water for Life Decade.

“We have a disturbing paradox in Canada when it comes to our freshwater,” says Bob Sandford, chair, Canadian Partnership Initiative of the UN Water for Life Decade. “On the one hand, Canadians appear to value water as a crucial natural resource and understand that conservation of this precious resource is critical. Yet unfortunately at the same time, they don’t seem to know how much water they use each day or where it comes from.”

For the full press release, visit the RBC Blue Water Project website here.

Bob Sandford is ACT’s policy author for the upcoming session on water and climate change adaptation. The Session is scheduled to start in May 2010, and will examine the challenges of adapting Canada’s water supplies to climate impacts through a series of multi-stakeholder

conferences accompanied by a leading-edge policy development process. For more information, visit the ACT website here.