Specific industry associations are prioritizing adaptation to climate change for the long-term viability of their membership.

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) recently carried out a study on the implications of unavoidable climate change for the UK cider industry. The report was produced by the industry for the industry, working on a low budget but drawing on its own resources and the tools available from the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP).

The study was the first industry-led project of its kind, and identified key climate change risks as well as a variety of adaptation options. Growers and producers now have more information available to them in order to inform their decisions about the future.

Key messages to the NACM membership included the siting of orchards to minimize risk from extreme weather events; risks to other important physical assets; the need to prepare for rising electricity and water prices; and emerging opportunities for production of new and different styles of cider as climates shift.

The NACM suggests companies should seek to address these issues in a timely manner – sooner rather than later – via business continuity planning.

ACT supports this progressive approach and has published similar ideas regarding adaptation in the Climate Change Adaptation & Extreme Weather Summary and Background Reports, available online.

We also appreciate the efforts of cider makers to keep producing for our enjoyment.