ACT’s Deborah Harford and Yaheli Klein, along with other members of the Coastal Cities at Risk Canadian research team, have published an article in the academic journal Natural Hazards. 

The article, titled “A multi-perspective examination of heatwaves affecting Metro Vancouver: now into the future,” explores potential impacts of the physical changes expected to come with climate change. Temperature projections for Metro Vancouver for 2041–2100 suggest that the region will experience extreme heat events more frequently in the future due to climate change. This article aims to provide key information such that communities can better prepare for future conditions.

Read the article here.

The Coastal Cities at Risk (CCaR) project was a five-year, international project to study climate change impacts on coastal megacities. The overall objective of the CCaR program was to develop the knowledge base, and enhance the capacity of megacities to successfully adapt and cope with risks posed by the effects of climate change – including sea level rise – in the context of urban growth and development. ACT was a key member of the Canadian research team on this project.