As climate change impacts begin to be increasingly felt around the world in the form of weather extremes such as floods, drought, heatwaves and windstorms, insurers are bearing the brunt of the costs and are beginning to issue an urgent wake up call to governments, businesses and homeowners alike on the current and impending risks.

ACT and the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the University of Victoria collaborated this week with the Canadian Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice to host a national webinar with Lindene Patton, Senior Climate Products Officer for core ACT funder Zurich Financial Services on “The Climate Resilience Gap: A Global Insurer’s Perspective.”

Responses were provided by ACT water policy author and Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative of the UN Water for Life Decade, Bob Sandford, and former BC Deputy Minister of Sustainable Resource Management Jon O’Riordan, who is ACT’s senior policy adviser and a member of POLIS.

The webinar recording, which includes the complete presentation as well as slides (almost as good as being there!) is available here.