Sierra Club map of sea level rise projections for Vancouver

Just presented on Climate Change Adaptation for Communities: Challenges and Solutions to a group of seasoned adaptation professionals and researchers from all over Asia.

I talked about climate threats in Canada already being experienced, such as ice storms, drought, flooding and wildfires, and those we must anticipate, such as sea level rise. Vancouver has been selected as the major Canadian city in an upcoming study on Coastal Cities at Risk, and I showed the map above as well as talking about provincial government planning.

I am amazed at the extent and depth of the work being done on issues such as these by researchers at the conference from all over Asia: Taiwan to Vietnam, Indonesia to Manila, Hong Kong to Thailand, and more.

The effects of climate change are being felt so strongly in these countries that there is no lack of government involvement and support, though that’s not to say some of them aren’t hurting for resources.

Either way, there is huge potential for international learning and communication on these issues, and we in North America could learn a lot from event such as this conference.

My presentation was well-received, and differed from many of the more physical science-based presentations in that ACT specializes in policy research and communication, something it seems many people here feel is needed.