debACT’s Executive Director Deb Harford was interviewed for the Winter issue of the SFU School of Public Policy Magazine.

Deb discusses how ACT got started and how it has evolved since its inception. One exciting point is that climate change adaptation did not used to be a pressing concern for many in Canada, but with ACT’s help that has changed:

“When ACT was established almost a decade ago, few in Canada were talking openly at a policy level about climate change. Since then this has changed dramatically, with most governments now engaged in risk assessments and development of adaptation policies. I point to BC, Ontario and Quebec as three major provincial players, and there are many more at the municipal level. There is now a much wider general level of awareness and a greater level of expertise at the practitioner level.

“Adaptation to climate change used to be viewed primarily as a planning problem, but now it’s also seen as a policy problem. I’m proud to say that ACT was ahead of the curve on this. From early on, ACT’s role has been showing the signposts – pointing out the directions that policy makers should take in addressing the necessary adaptations to climate change.”

Deb also highlights some of ACT’s current work. The most exciting recent ACT news is the release of our book, The Climate Nexus: Water, Food, Energy and Biodiversity in a Changing World. Click here to learn more about this new book. 

Read the rest of Deb’s interview here.