On June 28th, the Government of Canada released a new national assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate: National Issues Report. ACT Executive Director Deborah Harford co-authored the “Cities and Towns” chapter with ICLEI Canada’s Managing Director Ewa Jackson and University of Victoria Associate Professor and Civil Engineer Dr. David Bristow, under the guidance of lead author Dr. Craig Brown.

Local governments are profoundly affected by climate change impacts such as extreme heat, flood and wildfire. While the prospect of tackling this global crisis at the local scale may be daunting, our communities can drive widespread progress on climate action by leveraging local economic productivity, infrastructure networks, and proximity to decision-makers.

The Cities and Towns chapter focuses on the challenges that local governments face in a changing climate, and highlights opportunities for adaptation that build community resilience to these impacts. Key focus areas include aging infrastructure, green space, social vulnerability, governance, and the need for reconciliation with and inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and knowledge systems. Each of these sections provides an in-depth look at primary action areas in which cities and towns can have the greatest impact for adaptation and resilience.

Read the Cities and Towns chapter here.