ACT co-founder and eminent Canadian economist Dr. Richard Lipsey was featured yesterday in an article by the Globe and Mail on a creative revolution spurred by new technology that he believes is the solution to Canada’s industrial decay. The article provides insight into how Dr. Lipsey sees uncertain economic times affecting dramatic decline in Canada’s manufacturing industries, and his prediction of a market “boom” in alternative energy production over the next ten years, following the current economic slowdown.

In the article, Dr. Lipsey describes his work with ACT in preparing local governments for the massive changes brought on by climate change as “urgent.”

“Municipalities are on the frontlines,” he says, as coping with the effects of increased flooding, landslides, public health risks, and other extreme weather-related hazards is an increasingly frequent reality for many communities.

“The best industrial policies consist of co-operation between the government, universities and the private sector to push new technologies,” states Dr Lipsey. This principal is a cornerstone of ACT’s goals, as we engage expert multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral groups in research into and formation of dynamic new policy recommendations, designed to help smooth the path ahead.

ACT’s second set of policy recommendations on Extreme Weather Events is due for release in April 2009.