downloadACT Executive Director Deborah Harford has an article published in this season’s issue of Watermark magazine, the publication of the BC Water and Waste Association.

Deb’s article, titled “Climate Change and the Adaptation Imperative for BC Municipalities”, focuses on the costs of climate change, especially as the frequency of extreme weather events increases and poses risks for municipal infrastructure. The article then explores a common issue holding municipalities back from planning for adaptation: how to fund and finance such projects. Deb explains that there are many instruments and policies available to local governments to help pay for adaptation.

Be sure to read the article here, starting on page 48.

This article points to ACT’s recent publication, “Paying for Urban Infrastructure Adaptation in Canada: An Analysis of Existing and Potential Economic Instruments for Local Government”. This report is a highly useful tool as it comprehensively discusses the multiple instruments available for local governments to fund adaptation. This is required reading for anyone interested in municipal climate change planning, so check it out here if you haven’t yet!