ACT’s third six-month session – on energy – scheduled for the spring and summer of 2009, is off to a great start! We are pleased to welcome three key partners who are helping to make it happen: Plutonic Power Corp, the BC Government’s Climate Action Secretariat, and BC Hydro.

The Energy session will look at the urgent need for new standards and solutions for BC’s energy sector in light of climate change impacts and economic stresses, as pressure to reduce emissions and the need to adapt energy generation and distribution methods to climate impacts create new opportunities as well as challenges.

BC is an ideal province to use as a model for exploration in this context, due to the fact that we have plentiful energy resources, a dynamic technology sector, and a range of vulnerabilities to climate change impacts. The session focus will include energy self-sufficiency and economic stimulation for resource-based communities, and BC’s leading role in emerging carbon market mechanisms such as the carbon tax.

Scheduled for March-August 2009, ACT’s Energy session will include several multi-stakeholder conferences. Through these and a policy research process, we will examine available and developing energy technologies, their efficiency and vulnerability in the context of climate change, and new developments and policies that can help smooth the path ahead. The session will include an exploration of emerging emissions market incentives, roles, structures and mechanisms; and we are discussing the prospect of partnering with offset market experts Habitat Enterprises in the latter section.

Findings from this session will be presented in ACT’s third summary report, to be released in Fall 2009.