A new Globe & Mail article, ‘Academics launch unique approaches to climate change,’ featuring an interview with ACT Executive Director Deborah Harford, highlights ACT as Canada’s only university organization addressing the policy aspects of climate change.

“We need to reduce our emissions and show other nations how that can be done – but also plan for the inevitable effects of warming, which span everything from health risks such as the spread to tropical diseases, to impacts of extreme weather and increased storms, to problems with our crop and water supplies,” says Harford. “It’s about increasing resilience and learning how to think about everything in new ways.”

The article notes that the challenges of dealing with climate change also present the opportunity to be creative when making smart adaptation choices, in order to benefit both the environment and economy.

“All you need is conviction and the right kind of information and you can make a difference. You can affect the future if you have the courage of your convictions,” Harford adds.

Link to the full article here.