Obama: Clean energy is good for business, not just ‘tree-huggers’

(Photo: Pool, Getty Images)

(Photo: Pool, Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — The White House is enlisting Fortune 500 CEOs in its attempts to reach a breakthrough agreement on climate change, announcing agreements with 68 more companies committed to reducing their greenhouse gasses ahead of international talks in Paris.

The CEOs are among the 81 major companies that have now made specific commitments on climate. But just as important for President Obama, they’re also putting a business-friendly face on his clean energy initiatives.

President Obama met Monday with the CEOs of Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Hershey’s and Pacific Gas & Electric — and with some of the smaller companies that supply them. The White House expects that the commitments made by the 81 big companies will trickle down through their supply chains, encouraging energy efficient practices throughout the economy.

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