January 2014’s extreme weather worldwide – interactive map

From temperatures as low as -36C in Russia to some of the wettest weather in the UK’s history, this map shows the extreme weather events of last month from around the world. The data was sourced from the Japanese Meteorological Agency and covers all of January 2014.

Hover over each marker to see which World Meteorological Office station it was recorded at and all the details of the extremity.



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  1. Thom Foote says:

    You list -36C in Russia as an extreme weather event when -40C is fairly commmon during my winters in Fairbanks, AK and -100F wind chills were not unknown in southwestern Alaska. It may be extreme to others in the world but is not considered extreme in the northern inhabited zones of the northern hemisphere. Make a good headline though.

  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Thom – I think the Guardian are just demonstrating the wide variety of extreme weather conditions we “enjoy” in the different areas of the world! They are not necessarily saying it’s unusual just because it’s extreme. I’m just glad I wasn’t in Vostok, Antarctica in July 1983 when it dipped to -89.4C, the coldest temperature ever recorded!

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