Sea Level Rise


Swiss resort faces serious threat of flooding from glacier movement

The Swiss resort of Grindelwald faces a serious threat of flooding as a result of glacier movement above it. For the past several years, rock falls from the east side of the mountain onto the Lower Grindelwald Glacier have hastened the chance of flooding by creating a dam effect on the edge of the ice […]


Interactive map launched by UK Government shows consequences of global climate warming

A new map illustrating the global consequences of failing to keep climate change to under 2 degrees Celsius was launched today by the UK Government. With just 45 days to go before international climate change talks begin in Copenhagen, British ministers are pressing for the most ambitious deal possible in order to avoid these dangerous […]


What’s the connection between potholes and penguins?

Recent criticism that Canada’s municipal leaders are wasting time discussing issues that are “a little far afield from matters of city hall”, at an upcoming leader’s conference in Whistler, BC is missing the point. The keynote speaker for the conference, Jean Lemaire, Quebecois biologist and oceanographer, will make a presentation on the impacts of climate […]


Unforeseen consequences of climate change: land rising as Alaska’s glaciers melt

Global climate disruption is causing unforeseen impacts in Juneau, Alaska: As warming temperatures cause glaciers to melt at an unprecedented rate, land that is being relieved of billions of tons of weight is ascending so quickly that rising sea levels cannot keep pace. Residents of affected areas along the coastline have observed waterfront property change […]


EPA declares ‘compelling and overwhelming’ scientific evidence GHGs are harmful to humans

In a groundbreaking announcement this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared that carbon dioxide and five other heat-trapping gasses are pollutants that endanger public health and welfare, stating that the science supporting the findings was “compelling and overwhelming.” Amongst other threats, the agency identified effects of rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and the […]


Climate Change Leads to Increasing Conflicts between Humans and Tigers

The dawn mist was still clinging to the mangroves when the tiger struck. Mohammed Rasul Hussain, 45, had left his hut in southwestern Bangladesh at sunrise three weeks ago, with his younger brother, Sheraz, and paddled across the river and into the vast Sundarbans forest. They moored their boat and set off on foot to […]


IPCC Chair Urges Action by the Media

The chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said the news media are not sufficiently addressing the severity of climate change at a meeting of U.S. environmental journalists earlier this week.R.K. Pachauri, head of the 2,500-member IPCC, said that unless policies are enacted soon to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, the global perils from […]


Researchers Warn of More Floods for Scotland

Flooding around Scotland’s coasts is set to increase because of sea level rises of up to 32cm by 2080, an influential new study has found. The report, Coastal Flooding in Scotland: A Scoping Study, commissioned for the Scottish Government and prepared by scientists at Dundee University, warned action was needed to manage the looming problem. […]

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