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Interactive map launched by UK Government shows consequences of global climate warming

A new map illustrating the global consequences of failing to keep climate change to under 2 degrees Celsius was launched today by the UK Government. With just 45 days to go before international climate change talks begin in Copenhagen, British ministers are pressing for the most ambitious deal possible in order to avoid these dangerous […]


India to import food as drought disrupts food supply

The Indian government has announced they will import food to make up for shortages caused by a drought affecting an estimated 700 million people. The monsoon season has brought 29% less rainfall than usual, disrupting rice, soybean, sugarcane, and cotton crops. Up to 70% of Indians are dependent on farm incomes, and about 60% of […]


Food security study warns of climate change impact on global food supply

A new study of the effects of climate change on global agriculture, published by University of Washington climate researcher David Battisti in the journal Science, voices concerns about a global, “perpetual food crisis.” The study shows that climate disruption may cause massive, simultaneous crop failures in many regions as early as 2040. Findings based on […]


Scientists Predict Future Hunger Hotspots Associated with Climate Change

Where in sub-Saharan Africa will climate change hit hardest? When it comes to food supply, prospects for much of the centre and east of the region are looking grim. Reduced crop yields along with a rising population mean that Tanzania, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are likely to face serious shortages […]


Declining Shrimp Stocks Threaten Greenland

Dwindling shrimp stocks off Greenland’s coast have local fishermen and authorities fretting that one of the island’s main sources of income, coined “pink gold”, could soon vanish. “We must sound the alarm bells because it would be a catastrophe for the island’s economy if the shrimp were to disappear,” Helle Siegstad, a biologist who heads […]


Global Search for Climate-Resistant Crops Begins

A global search has begun for food crops with traits that are able to withstand changes to the climate.The project, co-ordinated by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, is searching national seed banks for “climate proof” varieties, including maize and rice. The team will screen seeds for natural resistance to extreme events, such as floods, droughts […]


Report Urges the Protection of Biodiversity to Increase Food Security

A new report produced by Greenpeace suggests that a review of recent scientific literature underlines that the most effective strategy to adapt agriculture to climate change is to increase biodiversity. Food Security and Climate Change: The Answer is Biodiversity, goes on to state that a mix of different crops and varieties in one field is […]


Changing Climate May Ruin Coffee Production in Uganda

Changing weather patterns in Uganda may lead to the extinction of the east African country’s key export, coffee, in coming decades, a report by British charity Oxfam states. Uganda is Africa’s second biggest coffee producer after Ethiopia and has become a major player in robusta coffee production since political unrest in the Ivory Coast slashed […]

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