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CFAX Interview: ACT ED Deborah Harford on BC's Water ACT

CFAX Interview: ACT ED Deborah Harford on BC’s Water ACT

On May 2nd, 2013, CFAX reporter Pamela McCall interviewed ACT ED Deborah Harford (interview begins at 5 minute mark) about the modernization of BC’s Water Act, and what the incoming provincial government should consider once elected on May 13th, 2013. The Water Act was put in place in 1909, and reflects the priorities and beliefs […]

New Stern report warns of "carbon bubble"; world economy at risk

New Stern report warns of “carbon bubble”; world economy at risk

British economist Nicholas Stern has released a new report in collaboration with the thinktank Carbon Tracker, supported by organisations including HSBC, Citi, Standard and Poor’s and the International Energy Agency, detailing the possibility of a “carbon bubble”. Major developed countries are basing the value of their assets on their reserves of oil, gas and coal, […]